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We Do Software That Assists You

We solve your problems at the most fundamental level. We are familiar with different fields of applied maths including probability and statistics, mathematical optimization, graphs theory, numerical methods, time series, fuzzy and imprecise maths etc. Our knowledge allows us to delve deeper into such trending areas like machine learning, image processing, computer vision, financial trading, recommending systems. We are ready to consider any other subject which requires deep understanding of the nature of things and their interrelationships.


We are ready to develop software libraries, desktop and mobile applications, web-services, IoT software. We do modelling of your problem and transform it from the language of maths to a program code. We use existing libraries and frameworks if possible. We develop from scratch if necessary.


Our mission is to provide simple-to-use and optimized solutions that help to solve your issues and make your life easier.


Our Projects

Here is a brief enumeration of the modules we developed for our clients recently. No names. No details. Just general words about what we can do.

A Few Words From Our Clients

We are glad to redirect these comments from our Upwork page.

"Great technical team.

Real experts in mobile vision. I would recommend this team other companies interested in mobile

vision development."


We Are Looking For

Researchers with strong mathematical background and programming skills

Experienced developers and software architects for desktop and mobile applications

UX-designers for mobile applications



Pereulok Glushko 19,  office 215

Taganrog,  347900, Russia


Tel: +7 960 465 15 65

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